Thursday, July 3, 2014

Thunderstorms and Thwarted Plans

 So yeah. This was the view (don't worry, I was at a red light) on the drive home from the gym tonight. This was a day when everything I planned went out the window.

First I'd hope to go to our swim club and take a long dip on this sticky day. But the pool was closed due to "impending severe inclement weather." That also scuttled my plans to walk the dog, to take a nice long walk to get my FitBit steps in. Then it started raining. Hard.

So I figured I'd go swimming at the gym. I have a new bathing suit and I adore swimming. I went down to the pool and glanced at it on the way to the women's locker room. Every lane was empty. The water was clear and flat, inviting me in from the humidity.

"The pool's closed," one of the lifeguards in the locker room told me. "It's thundering outside."

Yeah, it is.

So I'm home now and dealing with reality. My husband on the sofa beside me, along with the unwalked dog. The lights are still on and the air conditioner is humming. So much for my iPhone full of newly downloaded Power Workout Music. It's all good.

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