Sunday, March 31, 2013

Better Late Than Never: My Homely Pane Di Pasqua

By the time the Pane di Pasqua was out of the oven tonight, everyone else had gone upstairs and to sleep. So of course,  I had to take a nibble, even though I already was full from our Easter feast of lamb chops, brisket and grilled carrots, which I washed down with some Pinot Noir.

I was inspired to make these because there was a recipe in our church bulletin this morning. Of course, by the time I was ready to bake, hours later, and I could not find the bulletin. But the internet is full of recipes so I found one  here.  My handiwork looks nothing like the one on the website.

See what I mean? First, we didn't have enough eggs to do add the decorative colored eggs. Besides which, while it looks cool, I have always felt  like adding colored hard boiled eggs to a loaf of bread was a waste of perfectly good eggs. And then, I use whole wheat flour, not white, and I didn't have any colored sprinkles laying around. Oh, and another thing: I can't braid bread dough that well.

No matter. I am betting my two humble loaves of bread are gone within 48 hours. Tops. Two teenaged boys live here, after all!

Happy Easter to you - the whole blessed octave.


  1. Beautiful! My nonna continues to bake each of us a "pane di Pasqua" every year! A tradition I am grateful for and love. I may just have to show this lovely photo of yours to her! Continued blessings :)!

  2. We used to show a film to families preparing for First Eucharist, maybe it was called "Grandma's Bread" but I really can't remember. Anyway, the story involved Grandma making special Easter bread and telling about each of the ingredients and why the shape. She's not there when First Eucharist rolls around (you knew that was coming, didn't you?) but the family makes the bread and the soon-to-be-receiving child makes all the connections. Glad you were able to do something special for your household. Happy Easter!

  3. I swear darn near EVERYthing is online these days: It's only 20 minutes.

    1. Shannon: Loving this video! I really appreciate your sharing it with me...

  4. I love your bread! It is homely, the good kind of homely:
    1. (of a person) Unattractive in appearance.
    2. (of a place or surroundings) Simple but cozy and comfortable, as in one's own home.