Sunday, March 31, 2013

Christ Is Risen! How Our Family of Four Celebrates

On our way out of Mass this morning, I wished the elderly usher a Merry Christmas. We both had a laugh about that. Silly middle-aged me. The beautiful Mass reminded me of Christmas Mass somehow - the new faces, the standing-room-only crowd, the lovely, noisy toddlers dressed up in their finest. So many faces filled with hope.

Like Christmas, Easter attracts people who don't normally spend time at church. I am happy when I see these new faces because it reminds me that no matter how far each of us wanders, home always waits to welcome us. Easter is, as our pastor put it today, a still-unwritten story; the rest of the story is how we as individuals encounter Christ and how we choose to live out our days.

After Mass,  I was heartened when I checked facebook and saw the status update of a teenager of my acquaintance, a boy who I have heard on multiple occasions mock the Christian faith.

"Happy Easter!" he wrote. " Nobody can accuse me of being religious, but a holiday that celebrates the immortal nature of mercy and love is something I can get behind"

The presence of so many new faces at Mass, and this young man's status update made me think of all energy I spend judging others and how much I need instead to continue to learn to be the protagonist of my own life.

It has been a beautiful start to the Easter season, which my family celebrates in our own quirky ways. Last night we took our sons and two teenaged friends of theirs to a Korean BBQ and then came home to start preparing our Easter meal, which will include a brisket, carrot-cake cupcakes, roasted lamb, pane di Pasqua (I swiped the recipe from our church bulletin).

After Mass, I gave my husband and our sons their Easter baskets, which included jars of jam, some gourmet salami, and Godiva chocolate bunnies. My husband and our son Gabriel each is upstairs napping and Lucas lying on the sofa, watching Dr. Who. Later, we will have our Easter feast.

 Christ yesterday and today.
the Beginning and the End, 

Alpha and Omega. 

 His are the times

and ages.

To Him be glory and dominion.



  1. What a lovely testimony about the teenager in your life! It is a time to rejoice!

    God bless you and your family!

    1. Yes. My sons have many many friends who dismiss our beliefs and this was a true grace...

  2. Merry Christmas- too funny! Thanks for including my beads in your post! Happy Easter to you and your family!

  3. Sarah: That post you wrote about Christeasters was so powerful, left such an impression on me. Please consider reposting it. I always think of it at Christmas and Easter masses....