Monday, April 1, 2013

How Will You Celebrate Easter? Please Share!

OK, you might be thinking: Easter? We already celebrated Easter. This post is so yesterday. 

Nope. Easter - or Eastertide - is an entire liturgical season, stretching all the way to Pentecost. I mentioned this to our sons last night, as a way of explaining why their pane di Pasqua would not be ready by dinner. "Why doesn't anyone know that?" my 13 year old asked me.

Why indeed? It seems our sons' religious education - both at home and in the parish - has fallen flat.

Susan Stabile, a Catholic-to-Buddhist-back-to-Catholic writer (and a law professor) whose work I only discovered this morning, has written a whole blog post about continuing the celebration. Read that here. And please friends, share your own ideas about how we can keep the Resurrection alive!

To get this conversation going, let me say that for starters, I plan to keep on baking Easter bread. We have two teens in the house and I am finding the best way to their souls, the best way to help them understand the liturgical life of our Church,  is through their stomachs.

What are your plans? 


  1. Hi Allison! Great post! Aside from my happiness and joy resulting from our celebration of Easter Sunday and then Lent being over, I had not given much thought to the remain 40 or so days of our beautiful Easter season! A good start might be to share your post so as to help myself and others (like your sweet son pointed out) that our celebration continues!!! Thank you!

  2. For me at least, the food (chocolate cake!), and the Liturgy of the Hours, where the Easter liturgies repeat and repeat.

  3. I love that the Easter season continues as the days get longer and lighter here in SE Alaska!