Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Overcoming Burnout By Counting My Blessings

A loving and loyal husband. Two healthy sons. A working car. WQXR. A job I love.

These are the five things I wrote down today in my gratitude journal. I've had a long, tough winter and, toward its end, realized I was burned out. So I bought an online workshop called The Restore Workshop, developed by a couple of women, including Elizabeth Foss, one of my favorite bloggers. These are women who know all to well about burn out and they have just the right prescription for me.

I was so happy after listening to the workshop's first podcast that I bought a copy of the workshop for a good friend who is struggling with children, a home-based business and so much more.

Finding what we are grateful about is a way to step outside ourselves and to see our lives as enveloped by grace and love. Which they are.

I am also learning to tune out the noise I find myself drawn to - bad news on the radio, gossip on facebook and so on. It is all too easy for me to get drawn into negativity when, all around me, there is Beauty. And the snow is melting.

From today's afternoon reading, Liturgy of the Hours.

As the virtuous man fled, Wisdom led him along straight paths. She showed him the kingdom of God and taught him the knowledge of holy things. She brought him success in his toil and gave him full return for all his efforts.

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