Monday, March 17, 2014

A Painter's Journey with Multiple Sclerosis: "Everyone Has a Yearning to Make a Mark"

Our older son's godmother just posted this video on her facebook feed. It is the story of a man, Brett Weber, a neuroscientist and painter. He died today of complications from multiple sclerosis.

photograph by Frank Wiese

After Brett Weber was diagnosed, he moved back in with his parents in Allentown, Pennsylvania and began a painting studio called Broken Art Gallery from his parents' garage. I never met this man but the way he journeyed with this disease with his faith in God intact is a testament to the value of every human life, no matter how fragile.

...give our bodies restful sleep;

and let the work we have done today
be sown for an eternal harvest.

(from tonight's Liturgy of the Hours)

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