Thursday, September 5, 2013

Theme Thursday: Recess (LIncoln Road Mall, Miami Beach, Florida)

(Linking up with inimitable Cari) Other than ice water, iced lattes are my all time favorite beverage. Soy milk and Splenda with it, please. To enjoy an iced latte outside the Sterling Building in Miami Beach, one of my all-time favorite places, on a sultry August day put me pretty close to paradise. (Check out the bookstore that serves these babies)

re·cess  (rss, r-ss)
a. A temporary cessation of the customary activities of an engagement, occupation, or pursuit.
b. The period of such cessation. See Synonyms at pause.

2.      A remote, secret, or secluded place. Often used in the plural.
a. An indentation or small hollow.
b. An alcove.