Sunday, August 11, 2013

Breaking Bad with Chicken Wings: Yeah!

Tonight was the Final Season Premiere of Breaking Bad on AMC. If you haven't seen this show, start watching it on Netflix. It is awesome.

Our older son, now nearly 17,  started watching the show about a year ago on his own.  I  disapproved, even though I'd never seen it. "Isn't that about meth? Don't they glamorize drugs?" Yes. And no. Not. At. All.

He said: "Why don't you watch the show first before you condemn it?" 

So I did. Gabriel was right. It is a terrific show. Every minute of it is genius. I'm not very good at explaining why this show rocks. It's a morality tale that doesn't preach. We watch a dying man who thinks he has nothing to lose and so he loses his soul.

Amy Welborn explains it far better than I can: By the way, you may be wondering what Breaking Bad is about. It’s about sin. It’s about why not do..whatever..if there are no apparent consequences.  It’s about those consequences, which are not so illusory after all.

Tonight our son had his two best friends over and the four of us watch the season premiere. Gabriel wanted to order chicken wings. I told him why not make them. So we went shopping for the ingredients this afternoon and he fried the wings and made the sauce from scratch. And man, those wings were awesome!

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