Friday, October 28, 2011

Dancin' with Geoffrey Chaucer During Eighth Period

It's been quite a week. Nothing is wrong. It's just been a week filled with work and more work, then parenting and housekeeping and hardly anytime to sleep or to think. And so by the time today rolled in, I was bone tired.

My high school juniors, who take a yearlong course in British Literature, have moved on from the Anglo-Saxon Era into the Middle Ages. We're reading Geoffrey Chaucer's Canterbury Tales. So, given the week and the subject matter, don't you think it makes sense during the last class on the last day of a long week to dance?

When my students walked in, the room was darkened and the overhead projector was on. I plugged in the classroom speakers, turned the volume waaaaay up and played this video for them on my MacBook, projecting the images onto the interactive white board. Then, I stood in the back of the classroom and danced. So did most of them, beside their desks. We sang a few of the lyrics, too.  Then, we turned the lights on and finished reading the General Prologue. Have a good weekend, all.


  1. Dwija: Check out historyteachers youtube channel for your girls. It is awesome! These are a group of English teachers who live in Hawaii and make these videos for their students.