Sunday, March 23, 2014

From Pittsburgh: A Cardinal's Cassock, an "Almost Famous" Sandwich, and Some Wise Words from the Ambo

We four returned this afternoon from Pittsburgh, where we toured the University of Pittsburgh campus for an admitted students' day, ate at Primanti Brothers, and attended Mass at the Newman Catholic Center. A few insights:

First, Pitt is a wonderful place. I had to stop myself from buying one of these sweatshirts; our oldest still is mulling his options for college and whether he prefers a large university to a small liberal arts college.

Second, I can handle a Primanti's sandwich. Either my tummy has gotten entirely too large  (a definite possibility) or the portions are not as outrageous as advertised.

Third, wisdom, like God, can be found everywhere. We attended the 9 a.m. Mass today at the Pittsburgh Oratory. The celebrant. Fr. Joshua Kibler, C.O., who directs campus ministry, talked about how we all can be the Samaritan woman at the Jacob's well, so crushed by the gossip of others that we forget to respond to the world with a generosity of spirit and an open heart. How did he know I have lately become susceptible to people who want to draw me into petty arguments? How did he know I pray for patience and  self-reflection?

My final insight of the weekend is that Blessed John Henry Newman was short and slim One of his cassocks is encased behind glass at the Ryan Catholic Newman Center. It is tiny. Clearly the cardinal, an Oratorian who died in 1890.  did not have access to Primanti Brothers.


  1. My mother was born in Pittsburgh and lived there until she was 7, but I have never so much as seen a photo of it until this past weekend when I watched a food show about all the amazing food places in Pittsburgh. The show's host said that it is consistently listed as one of the top cities to live in. I love your ramblings - I would love to see Cardinal Newman's cassock in person.

  2. Anna: It means so much to me when you stop by. What a loyal reader.
    Yes, Pittsburgh is filled with wonderful quirky food places!
    The cassock was such an interesting find; our home parish is staffed by Oratorians. My priest is off facebook this Lent but i can't wait to tell him about it. More travels this weekend to a college in New England. :)