Wednesday, February 12, 2014

"With Graduation Rapidly Approaching"....WHAT?!

And so it begins. Or I guess I should say and so it continues.

Our seventeen year old is months away from completing high school. It is hard to imagine he won't be living with us this fall - out of town and maybe even out of state as a college student. In these days we are waiting to hear from the colleges to which he has applied. Every day when I get home, I glance down on the front porch at the mail that comes in. Yesterday, two envelopes from two different colleges, letting him know his applications are complete.

Today a flurry of emails from the high school about the end-of-senior-year festivities.

When did this little boy

Become this young man?

Understand: I do not want to wish him back to a baby. His father and I love the man he is becoming. Right now his heart his leading him toward public policy and (gulp) politics.  He wants to make a positive difference. Gabriel is sweet and smart and funny and has a great deal of integrity. He will make his own mark on the world, as we all do. That said,  I do think I will shed some tears in the coming months as his leaving home becomes more real.

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  1. Been there. It's weird, I must say. But AFTER they've been out of the next for a few years you get used to it, and you can really rejoice in the life that they are creating with God's guidance, without any help from you.