Sunday, December 8, 2013

Waiting in Joyful Hope

Tonight, the priest left the altar and walked down the aisle. And walked. Said nothing and kept walking. He got to the back of the church and turned around. He kept walking.  Some of us giggled. Some of us looked annoyed. All of us were waiting for him to speak.

When he finally arrived at the front of the church, Father Keith Cervine began his homily. He talked to us on this second Sunday of Advent about waiting. We can't learn and we can't grow if we are constantly busy. We need the silence of waiting.

And yet, we Christians are a people of paradox, We wait for the coming of our Savior, who has already arrived, who already has entered into every detail of our reality.

As the snow falls outside and the steam heat rises through the radiators, I am thinking about waiting and considering how joy and hope in this life, in my life, are inextricably twined.


  1. I love that he did that... what an emphatic way to bring forth not only waiting, but also our bodily nature, and the incarnation to come! He used his body to make the walk, to make the wait. Much more profound than if he stood there. Thanks for sharing this.

  2. What a thoughtful clever priest.

    God bless.