Sunday, November 3, 2013

Our In-House Quipster

Our son Lucky. What can I say? He knows how to get a laugh, even when he doesn't mean to. 

One of the benefits of going to parent-teacher conferences is finding out how your sons are behaving in high school. 

His Model UN advisor, Mr. Gold, who we adore, told my husband the following story last week. 

Lucky was in study hall, talking with Mr. Broadfoot. Mr. Gold was walking by in the hallway and heard our son say the following. Keep in mind I am a public school teacher. 

"I can't believe Mr. Gold went to Yankee stadium to watch Mariano Rivera pitch his last game. How could he afford that? On a teacher's salary?" 

Mr. Gold popped his head into the classroom and said, "Lucas, I saved for six years." 

Mr. Gold also told us he has told our son: "If you think I am going to call you Lucky you have another thing coming. "

Tonight Lucky returned from an overnight to New York, where he and his best friend went to see the Upright Citizens Brigade, a improvisational comedy troupe.  (Our son is pictured here waiting for the train with his brother. Our parish is in the background) Greg asked him how it went. 

Lucky's response? I think I just found the whitest job in New York."

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