Monday, October 21, 2013

"Doing What We Do Best:" A Joyful Noise in Belgrade

The kindness of friends and strangers enabled a group of New Jersey teens to bring beauty to a corner of Europe that has witnessed war and heartache for generations.

In May, Elizabeth Scalia, a.k.a. The Anchoress, kindly asked her readers for donations to Princeton, New Jersey-based Stretto Youth Orchestra, which was planning a tour of Europe. For some of the musicians, heading to Europe was no big deal; there is plenty of room in the family budget. For others, it was a bit of a stretch. And for some, it would have been impossible. The orchestra gathers young people from across the region and from across the socioeconomic spectrum to make beautiful chamber music.

Blessedly, every musician who wanted to go on the tour, did. The tour took the children across Europe, including to Serbia, where the signs of war and poverty were everywhere. I was moved when I considered these children bringing beauty to this city of the Danube that has seen so much bloodshed. Take a listen.


  1. Thanks for sharing this, Allison. One of the best parts about the bloggy network is how people come together to support good causes at a level that is beyond a local network of friends. And how refreshing to hear good chamber music on a Monday morning!