Sunday, September 8, 2013

Our Babies are in High School

I don't think our sons are old enough to be entering their senior and freshman years of high school tomorrow morning.  I mean, really, do they look ready?

This is how I think of them tonight, the little brothers with the steady happy gazes, the easy smiles and the way the older one has forever stood by and guarded the younger. I am remembering January 2002, when Gabriel was five and Lucas two and how they stayed overnight at their great-aunt's house. She stayed in the room with them and told us how in the middle of the night Gabriel woke up and arranged the blankets on the bed so his brother would be covered.

So I ask myself: how did we all arrive at this moment, the last night before the last morning they will ever walk over to school together, the last night in which the younger one is upstairs asking the older one for advice on what to bring and what to wear? Are they ready for these moments to end? Are we?

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  1. I remember when my boys were the size of yours in the last picture, trying to imagine them as grownups. They turned out much better than I could imagine at the time!