Tuesday, July 30, 2013

On My Midday Walk: Confused by this Crustacean

Today, taking a break from my online graduate classes, I took our dog for a long walk in a county park by the Raritan River.  On my hike back, I encountered three brothers with their mom, leaning over something by a stream in the park. Upon closer inspection, I saw they had captured some sort of crustacean and had put it in a plastic bag with water. They told me it was a lobster; at first I thought it was a crab, but later I realized it looks nothing like a crab.

So...to all my nature loving friends: what kind of critter is this? I wish the family had let it back into the stream, but, as one of the boys told me: "We don't have a pet at home, and now we do." I sure hope it survives out of its element.

The good news is that efforts to abate water pollution in this area seem to be working. I joked later with my husband that at least these boys didn't pull a two-headed fish out of the river!


  1. cicadas and roly polys are crustaceans too!

  2. Replies
    1. Paula: Do you have crawdads in Alaska?

    2. No - but we had them in Oregon when I was growing up. There is a famous restaurant in Portland called "Jake's Crawfish"

  3. crayfish or crawdad as the locals like to call them.
    You've never heard of these? They are yummy! Southern food.

  4. Thanks friends! I sure hope the boys don't eat their "pet." Yes, my friend Connie, who is from Baton Rouge, made us a crawfish meal when she visited us....