Saturday, July 13, 2013

Can a Disability Be a Gift? Let's Share Videos about Disabilities

Find a video that you think is especially useful on You Tube or Teacher  Tube  regarding children with disabilities in relation to this course.

This is an assignment I am working on right now. As most of my regular readers know, I am a Special Education teacher and I am the mother of a son who has a language-based learning disability.I also am working toward my master's degree in Special Education. One of my professors this summer is asking her students to find a video online that will help folks understand some aspect of Special Education or of people with disabilities.

Here is the video I chose; I like it because it was produced by a young man with dyslexia.

I would love to hear what videos you have found helpful to understand disabilities or special education!


  1. The internet is an excellent resource for support for children with disabilities and their parents. My daughter was born with a learning disability that prevented her from attending regular schools. We were able to find the right online high school courses that met her needs and appropriately challenged her based on her abilities.