Sunday, June 23, 2013

How to Spend Fourteen Hours in Philly with the Hubster

I truly do not remember the last time my husband and I went away overnight without our sons. But when my husband realized that last night Gabriel would be on his way to London and Lucas would be at his best friend's house for a sleepover, he suggested a night in Center City, Philadelphia.

A friend who lives and works in Philadelphia suggested we stay at the luxurious Lowes Philadelphia Hotel, which is about a block from the Reading Terminal Market. The hotel is also known as the  Philadelphia Fund Society Building and it's a national historic landmark. It was my first visit to the market, a farmer's market  that has been in operation for more than a century. Greg was delighted to find corn that had been picked this morning!

Here are some snapshots from our getaway; it lasted just 14 hours because we had to leave early  to get Lucas to an 11 a.m. Mass and to prepare for a family gathering in our backyard to celebrate his finishing middle school. But we ordered room service for dinner and bought lots of produce this morning after breakfast at the Down Home Diner!


  1. the farmer's market from heaven! awesome.

  2. Wow! How beautiful = the colors are tremendous! I'll bet you had such a wonderful time! Getaways are the best!