Sunday, April 7, 2013

When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Try to Have an Easter Attitude

When you are in the midst of the most stressed-out week your family has had in a long time, 

including your husband working more than 80 hours and counting, his cell phone forever buzzing and you having to drive four hours for work and carpooling Friday,

then waking up at 6 to work a Saturday, 
(thanks to Hurricane Sandy)
on five hours of sleep,
being cussed out by a student, 
and then coming home to a home to help your own child 
catch up on a slew of homework, 
the best solution, really, is to bake an Easter lamb cake.
Right?! ♥ Because we're supposed to be people with an Easter attitude, transmitting joy, breathing in the Holy Spirit, and remembering: we are more than our challenges, we are more than the undone laundry, the forgotten homework, the dirty dishes piled high and the job stress. Yes, we are more than this.
*to be decorated in the Sunday morning, before Mass, before Family Catechism, before your son's science project on Mars, before your son's five-paragraph essay on a Doctorow novel, before the IEP updates, before the third-quarter report card entries and the Sunday afternoon recreation-basketball picnic.
 A PostScript: here is our lamb, ready to be taken to Family Catechism class after the 11 a.m. Mass.