Friday, April 26, 2013

Seven Quick Takes for Friday: Trumpets, Sardines and Vacations

1. Well, it's Friday night as I write this. I am home alone, just me and the dog. Better late than never, eh? My husband and our older son are in Princeton, where our son has chamber orchestra rehearsal. Our younger (trumpeting) son is with dear family friends at Montclair State University, listening to the MSU Symphonic Band and the MSU Wind Symphony. Our friend's son is a trumpeter at MSU!

2.  I am still in a post-vacation relaxation mode from the five nights I spent in Palm Beach County, visiting with my parents. It was just such a lovely and relaxing time! Here are more photos, if you can stand them...(Including a photo of  my folks buying tickets at the Norton Museum of Art. )

3.  I am trying to plan a getaway for our 20th wedding anniversary celebration. We are leaning toward the Mohonk Moutain House in the Catkills. It looks divine.

4. At her suggestion, my girlfriend Paula and I did a book switcheroo. My autographed copy of the Fiddlehead Cookbook arrived this afternoon from Douglas, Alaska. She should be receiving her copy of Admission by May 10. Book reviews coming, of that I am sure. I just started reading and was inspired to forage for seafood in our home. I ate a can of sardines with my couscous for dinner. Straight from the can. True story.

5.  I am really, really happy not to be a high school junior. Our poor son. In the next few weeks, in addition to a prodigious course load, he is taking the SATs, the ACTs, and two AP exams. He also is performing in two music concerts,  cycling competitively and oh, I don't know, trying to sleep?! Here is a picture of my son with two friends from Model Congress.

6. Son just called. They are coming home, with a pit stop at Sonic. Do I want anything? Yeah. A Diet Coke. Living large here...with all those sardines.

7. That's all folks. Gotta walk the pooch!

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