Friday, March 8, 2013

Seven Quick Takes for Friday

1.  Today's drive to work was treacherous. Snow was pelting down and the roads were slick. I was driving our 20-year-old Saturn, which has a poor defroster, no upholstery on the ceiling and no working horn up an interstate jammed with trucks and littered with accidents and police lights. (Our van is in the shop.) About halfway through the commute, I began praying the rosary out loud. Ten Hail Marys followed by the Our Father and Glory Be. Over and over again. I began to feel calm and the presence of peace. I made it to work. Thanks be.

2.  Since I didn't grow up doing team sports, I had never heard of a Coach's Award. At season's end, the coach picks the player who has show the most leadership, skill, sportsmanship and team spirit during the season. Guess what?! Our 13 year old won the Coach's Award for the Middle School basketball team. At the awards dinner, the coach said he had worked our son, the point guard, hard, and that our son had never complained. Not once.

3.  Next week my co-teacher and I are taking a group of my Natural Science students to Rutgers COOL room. That is short for the Coastal Ocean Observation Lab. It is so cool.

4. I am already feeling a bit overwhelmed by our family's spring schedule: a Confirmation and a chamber music concert on the same day; cycling season, baseball season, and a slew of music concerts by the school year's end. Life is good and busy.

5.  I was invited to a one-year-old's birthday party. My girlfriend at work invited me. I don't remember the last time I went to one. So delighted. What shall I give her?

6. Please pray for my brother, a hardworking man who was laid off from his job of many years. He is the primary breadwinner for his family of three children.

7.  My husband was in Pittsburgh for three days early this week. He  spoke at a conference. Just three days but boy did I miss him.

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