Friday, March 22, 2013

Seven Quick Takes For Friday

1. In the past week two disabled combat veterans of my acquaintance died. Last Friday, a 90-year-old World War II survivor died. He was burned badly in a kamikaze attack in the Pacific. He was the father of a colleague of my husband's.  The second death happened Monday, when the brother of a former student died. He was a veteran of the war in Afghanistan who lost both his legs when he stepped on two improvised explosives. These deaths have moved me deeply. I am going to write more, much more, about these men, their legacies, and the human cost of war. Rest in peace, valiant soldiers.

2. Often, a student's good heart reassures me that there is Beauty in the world. This afternoon, a student approached me in class to let me know I had graded an answer correct on a test when, in fact, he had gotten it wrong. My co-teacher and I decided to let him keep the points because honesty should be rewarded. I also emailed his mom to let her know what a gem of a young man she is raising.

3. Tonight my husband and I head to the movies to see "Admission," a PG-13 movie based on a book written by a dear family friend, Jean Hanff Korelitz. Yes, I am inclined to like the movie because I like Jean so much and am a huge fan of Tina Fey. I will post a review soon.

4. Making my way through Confessions of St. Augustine (print version) AND Simon Winchester's sprawling biography of the Atlantic Ocean called "Atlantic" (audio version). Loving them both.

5. Speaking of audiobooks, I'm looking for advice. These little buddies are pricey (Atlantic cost me 40 bucks) and I am underwhelmed by my local library's selection. I do have an iPad. Would Audible be worth it? If so, which plan? Thanks!

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  1. I will pray for the repose of the souls of the two veterans. So sad.

    Your young student is a wonderful example!

    I can't wait to see "Admission"! I saw the book the other day at Costco and was tempted to buy it and read it before I see the movie, but I am saving my pennies for our movie date.

    Miguel had spring break last week and last night was thinking about how he is going to ask his sociology teacher if he can skip class to go to stations of the cross at the Shrine.

    1. Paula: Thanks for the prayers for these men and the loved ones they left behind.

      So...when you can please buy Jean's book!! I will let you know how I like the movie version.

      Good for Miguel.