Tuesday, November 13, 2012

A Question About Pie and a Thought about Circumstances

First, a question. Second, a proposal about how to look at our circumstances. OK, first things first. What is your favorite pie recipe? You see, my husband, who handles Thanksgiving dinner, has delegated the 13-year-old and me to  dessert-making duty.  I was hoping to avoid making pie and proposed to our son that we make cupcakes instead. A slave to tradition, my son is insisting we make pie, including a crust from scratch. Help! I never have done that before. Please share with me  your favorite tips and recipes. Crust from scratch sounds so intimidating.

Second, I  returned earlier tonight from School of Community. We hadn't met since before Hurricane Sandy and the readings were so fitting - almost prophetic in their appropriateness -  to all that we have been coping with in these days. Our leader's family was the last to get their power back. The home finally became heated again  this weekend. I can't imagine spending that much time doing without.

We are reading the Sept. 29 notes from a talk by Father Julian Carron, who heads the Communion and Liberation movement, gave at the Beginning Day in Assago, Italy.

What moves me most is this passage: 

"The reason for the value of circumstances is simple: 'God does nothing by chance.' This is the only true reading of reality, of circumstances. Forget about all of our theories. Circumstances, good or bad - all of them - are the ways through which the Mystery calls us. They are not, as we so often interpret them according to our measure, burdens that we must put up with. They have a very specific purpose in God's design."

Credit: Nicole Wines. New Brunswick Patch.

This is the Christian proposal. This is what Christ revealed to us: the God is present in every circumstance and working through every circumstance. This is not to suggest life doesn't cause pain, or struggle, or loss or that we don't and can't question the reason behind the circumstances in which we find ourselves.

But our circumstances, when we face them, when we embrace them and are willing to live through them, free us to connect to the Mystery who created us. What appears to be an obstacle or a burden  or a difficulty is really "a road to maturity."


  1. Do you have the America's Test Kitchen Family Cookbook? Incredible, easy to follow crust-from-scratch recipe. If you don't have it or can't fine it, let me know and I'll post for you somewhere :)

    1. I do not have that book. I remember your mentioning it before. Can you share the recipe here and enlighten me and my other two readers? Thanks!

  2. The good news about crust is that if it fails, 99% of the pie is still edible. :)

    I second anything from America's Test Kitchen. I have a sample issue at home of Cooks Country magazine that I will never throw away. Hmm. Maybe the holidays would be a good opportunity to try a recipe!

  3. I go by tradition too and bake a pumpkin and pecan pie every year. Well, this year I am changing it up. I am still baking a pumpkin pie but using a new recipe with a toffee topping of sorts. Then, instead of the pecan pie, I am baking my neighbor's fabulous recipe for pecan bars. I like that idea because I can easily freeze half of them for Christmas so I don't have too many desserts hanging around the house now.
    As for a crust, I LOVE the pillsbury refrig. ones. They are pretty darn close to the real thing. I do have a recipe for an easy crust made right in the pie plate though so let me know if you want it....Pat S.