Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Etsy Score: This Time A Mirror

I've mentioned before how much I love www.etsy.com, that site where crafters from all over the globe can post their wares. Today I made another etsy score: this groovy mirror.

Thanks to the U.S. Postal Service, I don't care what corner of the country I order stuff from. I bought a wonderful book bag from a woman in Arkansas, and an iPad case from a woman in Wyoming. My wallet was crafted in Connecticut. Turns out the person who hand paints these vintage mirrors lives just a couple of counties from me. 

When I spied this mirror on etsy, I loved it. We will replace our utilitarian medicine cabinet in our upstairs bathroom with this.  

On my way home from school this afternoon, I stopped by her house and picked it up. Caroline moved to New Jersey recently from a lifetime spent in New York City. Her town and her house are as funky and quaint as this mirror.

So, check out her site full of vintage mirrors and other vintage items! It's called Wild Mountain Studio. You can tell her Allison sent you!

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  1. Hey Allison, Thank you SO MUCH!! It was a great pleasure to meet you, and who'd have imagined that you'd be mentioning me and my mirrors in this wonderful blog. Very much appreciated! Hope the mirror will serve you well, and that our paths may cross again someday. - Caroline