Thursday, June 21, 2012

Incoming from Wyoming: Hello Kitty iPad Case for my new IPad

Tonight in a town called Gillette, Wyoming, a mother of five children ages 10 and under (four of them boys) is making me a customized Miss Kitty cover for my new iPad. 

While my penchant for the female Japanese bobtail cat with no mouth and a red bow is a huge source of embarrassment to our teen boys, I find Miss Kitty White (her "real" name) lightens my mood. Also, I feel so fortunate to have discovered a blog and an etsy site called Five Sprouts Stitching! Sarah and Justin, Reformed Presbyterians married for 13 years, have lived in Wyoming for four years, and they homeschool their children. "We wanted to start a family business and sewing is my main hobby so we started Five Sprouts Stitching last year," Sarah says. 

So why do I enjoy Hello Kitty? Well, while my job teaching reluctant readers and writers brings me a lot of joy, but it can be stressful. That is why I walk the school hallways with a Miss Kitty case for my school-issued MacBook and why I have ordered a Miss Kitty iPad cover for the iPad the school issued me last week. 

My iPad cover's creator has a beautiful sewing blog. Today, for example, there is a tutorial up on how to sew a baby bib! She sells the patterns and appliques if you like. In the family's etsy shop" "We sell handsewn items and patterns for technology people, baby people and technology people with babies."

OK, and now I just couldn't resist including a picture of "The Lawmen" bib from their Infant Western Wear Collection. Howdy pardner!


  1. love the case! I need a skin or something for my Kindle…

    1. Contact her. She is customizing my iPad case to fit the hard case the district gave me. Seems she is very handy at customizing and she won't charge extra. Let me know! (And no, I am not on commission!)

  2. Cool idea - a case for the case.

    The teacher across from me last year was a "Hello Kitty" fan.

    I discovered a site this summer (last week) that has about 40 free Kindle books per day for the downloading....a nice variety of kids, middle grades, cookbooks, Christian, mystery, etc. Click on the Free Kindle Books at the top. I'm not on commission, either. ;-)

  3. I love that she calls herself a modern seamstress. The whole "sewist" things confounds me. "Modern Seamstress" is perfect.

  4. I love Hello Kitty and I would like to try this at home! Thank you! :)