Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Another Adventure in Eating Clean: Kale

"What's this?" my younger son asked as he put the groceries away before heading to a basketball game. "It's kale."
"Oh. It smells like calcium. Like rotting calcium, you know, rotting teeth."

Introducing the second new vegetable to our family this week; last week's experiment with jicama was a flop. This same son told us jicama "tastes like dirt."
I was determined the foray into cholesterol-lowering kale would be more successful. So after my son and husband left for the game, I emailed my girlfriend Shali, a lifelong vegetarian. 

She suggested I make kale chips, and add a little curry powder to them 

I did and already have eaten half the batch. Kale chips with curry powder are incredibly good and tasty. 

If the rest of my family doesn't like them, oh well. More for me!


  1. Your kale looks very different from the varieties that I've seen. Kale chips..mmmmm! We've only used oil and salt though. I'll have to try curry powder. They never last long in our house!

    1. Sarah: I used oil and I think too much salt. Next time I will try much less salt and more curry powder..They were delish nonetheless.