Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Gift of Maurice Sendak

I listened to all four of Terry Gross's radio interviews of Maurice Sendak, the fabled children's book writer and illustrator who died yesterday at age 83. I listened to them as I drove home from work and I kept listening as I drove our 15 year old to the dentist. The interviews moved me deeply. Sendak never shied from facing death, or from living life, or from creating the truth as he saw it. Although he was a man without faith, he was a gift straight from the Divine. I believe right now he is startled to discover himself in the embrace of the loving father of us all.

I was going to write a tribute to him, but I found a much better one than I would have written by Nancy Piccione, book page editor for the Catholic Post. Here it is:


  1. Allison, you are so sweet! I was just rambling myself, but wanted to get something out as soon as I heard because I knew I never would unless it was right away. I'm so glad you liked my appreciation.