Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Curious Case of the Evaporative Dinners

Last night, I bought a frozen Paul Newman pizza for dinner and our 12 year old made a large salad. Since our family comes home for dinner in shifts, I took a tiny slice of pizza and warned the 12 year old to leave enough for dad and his older brother. Guess I should have written a memo to the teen: I returned to the kitchen about 20 minutes later and there was no sign of the pizza. Seems between the two boys, the pizza was gone. Evaporated. A friend who raised four children told me that all pizzas should come with a label saying that one pizza serves half a teenaged boy.

I ended up serving really emergency food - cans of Chef Boyardee ravioli. Yuck and Yikes.
My husband read on my facebook wall that I was heating it up and said he'd stop by the deli for a sandwich. 

Having a college degree and one and a half master's degrees, you'd think I could learn a lesson. But noooo. 

Today is National Pancake Day and since I forgot to thaw the chicken breasts this morning and we have no microwave, I decided to make chocolate chip pancakes and cook up some slab bacon from Wightman's Farms, my favorite farm. I made a slew of pancakes and then about two cups of slab bacon.

I nibbled on a tiny piece of bacon and settled into the family room to knit. The 12 year old wanted dinner so he went into the kitchen to eat. A few minutes later, I went in to serve myself dinner. NO BACON. What? He'd eaten it all?

Food in our house is evaporating these days. You'd like I'd learn my lesson. Thankfully, in the refrigerator there is more bacon that I can cook.  And in the pantry, we still have more cans of the dreaded Chef Boyardee.

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