Friday, July 22, 2011

Seven Quick Takes for Friday

Friday already? Whoa.

1. Our teen said he can't believe summer is halfway over already. I told him to be quiet.

2. The heat. The heat. What can I say about the heat? Last night I was walking in New Brunswick with Greg and a breeze came along. The breeze was full of heat.

3. Greg and I finally switched back to our old parish (pictured above), the place both boys were baptized. Our envelopes arrived in the mail yesterday. Ours is a long story, but suffice to say we are looking forward to worshiping in a joy-filled community once again. Here's an interior shot of our old/new parish, which was built in 1856.

4.  Speaking of how everything old is new again, a wonderful family, whose mom was our sons' CCD teacher for a year, has moved back to New Jersey. So beautiful: during my phone conversation yesterday with the mom, it felt as if we had been talking all these years. And we haven't talked in about four years.

5. I am still reading Crime and Punishment and still loving it. Does anyone have recommendations for other Russian works I can delve into?

6. Since he doesn't read my blog, I guess it is okay to say here how proud we are of our 14 year old. (Pictured above, at 13, hiking Mount Mansfield with friends from Giovent├╣ Studentesca) He is working two jobs this summer, and cycling to both of them. The first gig is as a desk attendant at our swim club, the second is as a bicycle mechanic. He tells us he loves working. Music to a parents' ears.

7. Speaking of music, I just found out we will be visiting friends in Bangor, Maine during the American Folk Festival. How cool will that be?


  1. What a beautiful church.

    It's HOT here in Central Texas too. Can't wait for Fall. Stay cool.

    Yay for working teens! :)

  2. Yes, it is lovely. Church architecture matters to me - I find old churches very soothing somehow.

    What are you doing to keep you and your little ones cool this summer?

  3. "The Brothers Karamazov" is an amazing book. I read it about five years ago and called it my favorite book ever for a long time. I'm almost ready to try it again in a different translation (and on the Kindle, I think!). I met my daughter's boyfriend's mother for the first time this weekend and she is reading Tolstoy's "Anna Karenina" and really enjoying it. I've read the first 50 pages of "War and Peace" about four times but can't get past that point.

    Our nearest parish is a beautiful old church (1905). Unfortunately, the attendance there is so small we go most often to the next nearest church which is modern (1962). Both churches share the same priest so the architecture is the main difference but it IS important, isn't it?

  4. Sandy C:

    I definitely will try the "Brothers Karamazov;" another friend has recommended it, too.

    I just find the traditional architecture of a church more soothing - the traditional cross or rectagular shape. The experiment with "churches in the round" that began in the 1960s, I believe, just is distracting to me. OF course, other folks respond differently and their mileage varies.