Friday, July 8, 2011

Seven Quick Takes for Friday

Do you know about this feature? Jen Fulwiler at Conversion Diary started it. The idea is to come up with seven quick things to talk about. Hmmmm. Given that I am most verbose, this will be tricky. Let me give it a whirl. And tell me what you think. Is this fun to read? Or annoying?

1. The camera phone works well enough. But we have got to get the cord juicer-upper thingy working on the family camera. There is so much I would like to photograph and I don't like grabbing stuff off google images so much for the blog.

2. Our son is loving The Maze of Bones by Rick Riordan, the first in a book series written by various children's writers called The 39 Clues. He's been asking me about the Paris Catacombs, St. Denis and so on. This is great! And I am learning, too. 

3. Step aside George Clooney. You're getting old, and the fact you have announced you never will marry or raise children is....immature.  My new celebrity crush? Steven Colbert. The guy, a practicing Catholic, a happily married father of three and a Jerseyan by choice, is laugh-out-loud funny! I love his dry wit. And how ridiculous is this photo? I do love a man with dry, self-deprecating humor. Just ask my hubster.
4. Speaking of the hubster, I am on a cookie-making jag. (Get it?!) Oatmeal raisin, then chocolate chip. Then mixing extra oatmeal raisin dough with store-bought chocolate cookie mix. No matter what I bake, it disappears within hours. I am not sure any of my "boys" notices the variations in recipes.

5. One of the great things about being a parent is the places our children take us. Last night it was a rural, yes I said rural, patch of Staten Island. Our teen has a friend who plays in a band and they had their first paid gig at a place called Killmeyer's Old Bavarian Inn. What a wonderful place! It's well over 100 years old and has the feel of a European tavern. Or at least what I think a European tavern feels like. I want to go back there on a date with the hubster.

6. The security lights are in! As I mentioned, we've been targeted by a vandal. The police suggested we clear out overgrowth and install more lights on the property. Done and done.

7. Well, I am reading Crime and Punishment. I can't put it down.This is much more compelling than my crime-show addiction.  I wrote about that, and then successfully weaned myself from it/

Have a beautiful weekend and don't get caught in a thunderstorm! And let me know if you think I should continue this feature.


  1. I always love everyone's 7 Quick Takes, so I vote yes! Continue! I think it gives us all a chance to just chatter a little without delving too deeply into our psyches.

    Enjoy your weekend, Allison!

  2. I think I need to do 7 quick takes as well! I love this idea!

    That picture of Stephen Colbert is great - I love his humor as well, and I wish we got the channel he is on so we could watch him more often. I usually only can see him when I am visiting friends with Comedy Central, or when someone posts a video online from the Colbert Report.