Saturday, June 4, 2011

Welcome Home from War

Eudora Welty said "a good snapshot stops the moment from running away." I am glad someone snapped this photo of Fidelio, 25, and her son welcoming her husband home from Afghanistan.  I have been reading her blog, Midnight Radio, as she waited for his return.  She explains the title: "The midnight radio was the joy of talking with my best friend, my favorite person, the guy I loved who was so far away."

Today as I was walking our puppy in my neighborhood, I met a young lady whose husband is serving in the Navy in Afghanistan. They've just bought a rambling gray house one block from ours. She's a physician who wrapped up  a nine-month deployment on an aircraft carrier. Now she is busy as a pathology resident at a hospital across the river. She shared how she and her husband want to have children. "But he has to come back first," she told me.

It's been stunning to read Fidelio's simple, understated posts. I see how she's been coping, raising their son alone and working on a master's degree. Now that this brave woman's beloved is back, I keep returning to this photo, trying to take in every gesture.

I can only imagine how tough it is to have your beloved in harm's way for so many months, so far from home.


  1. :) Many thanks. Friends and prayers can get us through anything.

  2. So true. I continue to think about your family and send prayers up!