Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Please Say a Prayer For An Angry Young Man

This post is difficult to write and I wonder if it is a wise decision. But I want to ask for your prayers for someone - police say most likely a teenaged boy - who has been vandalizing our family minivan for the past few years. His behavior has escalated. First, it only happened when we parked on the street outside our home. Then it began happening even on our driveway. Now, this person is leaving us messages.

This morning my husband and I discovered someone had carved into the van's back window a very threatening message. I will be heading to the glass store to replace the back window, just as my husband did the broken and scratched front windshield about a month ago.

We are unaware of anyone with whom we have a dispute, or anyone with whom our sons have a beef either. And no, in case you are wondering, it is not our sons doing this. They are not even in the state right now. The police just left and gave us some tips for keeping our property and driveway more secure. And so I ask you to please pray for whomever it is that is so tormented he feels he must take his anger out on our family car.

Does anyone have suggestions for what to pray? Thank you.


  1. Lurker, here, but absolutely. It's got to be harrowing for you and your family. (I've had my share of...troubled...neighbors.)

  2. I am very sorry to hear this! Call me if you need to talk. I hope the individual is caught and gets help. Sort of glad the kids aren't home to see this.

  3. This is terrible, Allison! To feel so vulnerable in the safety of your own home is awful. Maybe we can pray that he find whatever it is he's looking for. Clearly he's lost. Perhaps you have the peace he fears he will never have and he is responding in anger. I don't know.

    Lots of prayers and love your way!

  4. I am so sorry to hear about this. It does elicit fear, so I pray for you to "be not afraid." I had a car terribly vandalized many, many years ago and it really shook me. But this is something else altogether.

    When you first told me about this earlier, I immediately began to pray for you and for whomever this is. If it elicits fear, imagine what the young man is feeling.

    God have mercy, God keep you safe.

  5. Thanks Fran and everyone else. It's been a long day.

  6. This is scary because its parents had someone bothering them with little nerve racking things and they bought those security cameras from costco and put up they were $129 for the set and it all stopped! just pray because Jesus already knows your needs....I will pray this all just stops...I'm so so sorry!

  7. So sorry to hear this, Allison. I will keep him and your family in my prayers. I hope the police step up the surveillance in your neighborhood. Perhaps they can put an unmarked car across the street or can set up a video camera or something to catch the culprit.

    We have had a lot of graffiti in our neighborhood recently, and even though it isn't personally directed at our family, it still feels like a violation. I can't begin to imagine how afraid and unsettled a personal attack must feel.

    I'm lighting a candle in front of our icon of Mary and the Infant Jesus and asking for protection for you!

  8. This is a good prayer.

    I'll be praying for him and for you.

  9. Praying for you, Allison, and for the angry young man causing this worry and pain. Years ago we lived in a neighborhood where we had things stolen and vandalized in our front yard. We had an idea who might have been doing it but never found out for sure. I am praying for protection for your family.