Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Life Isn't Dull If We Pay Attention

Within a few hours, two friends told me about two separate experiences in which they were struck by God's presence by looking at the skies. Their stories remind me God is imbedded in our day-to-day reality, offering us glimpses of  His beauty if we are attentive. The thing is,  God's not just "out there" in the heavens, but in the faces of the people we meet every day. Even the ones who annoy us the most carry a sliver of the divine within them.  Sometimes, though, we need a little tap on the shoulder.  

Yesterday  J. , a film producer, recounted how on a recent visit to Florida to raise money for an upcoming project, his colleague asked him if he wanted to see the Gulf of Mexico. He shrugged. He'd never seen it before, but he was hungry and tired. He went along for the ride. As they were standing on the beach, the sun set dramatically and quickly, the way it does on the Florida side of the Gulf of Mexico. He snapped pictures with his I-phone and felt he had been nudged into an awareness of a divine presence.

Close to midnight last night, I received an email from my friend D., a painter. He told me how driving to his house from ours after School of Community, he looked up at the sky. I'll let him tell you the rest. The subject of the message is "OK this is weird."

"So..I left your house and drove around the block..
then I made a right on to 2nd ave.

As I was driving..I noticed ths stars in the sky..they were really too
bright..which meant they could not be stars..ok what are they..

The took the form of a huge cross in the sky..there were maybe 6 to 8 lights in

all..very very bright..in a formation ..
which created a cross like shape in the sky.

I pulled over in front of L's house and got out of the car and there
were maybe 4 people in front of S's church looking up at the lights.

I asked them..so you see that?  They said yes they were watching it for a while.

 One woman thought it was some sort of balloon torch
or torches that can be lit and fly up.
That is likely..but the form the shape of the cross was strange..and so timely.

Now coincidence is shaped by a different perception here since my head is on
God..and now I see something which is likely explainable but also very different
to me than to the others standing outdoors.
Anyway..life is never dull..."


  1. Yes! The hand of God is all around us. It's up to us to choose to see it :)

  2. So beautiful, so true. God is everywhere, all around us, inviting us always, always, into God's heart.