Monday, March 31, 2014

From Barnard, Vermont: Rebuilding After a Home Fire

My husband's Aunt Dagney lost her Vermont home of many years in mid-March in a fast-moving fire. Fortunately, noone was hurt and her only child, an adult daughter who lives nearby, is raising funds to help her out. The link is here. 

Her daughter Careen writes: On March 15, 2014 a tragic, fast moving fire took my mom's beloved house. The fire spared NOTHING. Every possession and all three cats were lost. Please help me try to rebuild the lives affected by this sad, humbling event.

I pray that Aunt Dagney will have a new home soon; thankfully insurance is covering the cost of the home.

I hope she paints the front entrance to their new home as cheerfully as she did this one. Thank you in advance for your prayers. As one of her friend's wrote on her facebook page: "Here's to happy memories and new beginnings!"

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  1. What a cheerful home that was! It speaks of an energetic creativity.