Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Father's Day, A Missing Remote and an Angry Old Cat

One of the problems with getting to know someone via facebook and blogs is we really have no idea what he or she is like in real life. Take me, for example. Checking out the last three posts on this blog, you might get the impression I am a depressive who seeks out drama. That is not entirely true. 
Sure, posts about: the death of the priest who married us; the closing of the parochial school my brother's children attend; and the turmoil in Ankara are not exactly a gallon of giggles. But truly, there are plenty of hijinks at our home. Consider the Search for the Remote on Father's Day and its Successful Discovery the morning after. 
This tale involves an elderly cat we recently adopted named Venus as well as a huge rip in the back of the sofa that nobody will take credit for. Generally we cover the rip up with an Americana quilt commissioned by a family friend's ex-father-in-law,  a man who spent time in the federal penitentiary, convicted of financial shenanigans. But I digress.
Father's Day night, my husband Greg was so annoyed about the missing remote that he offered our sons $20 if they could find it. I even put the word out on facebook that friends were welcome to stop by our house and look for it, so Greg wouldn't miss the latest episode of Mad Men. We offered them $20 too. The teen boys shrugged and apparently $20 cash was not enough of an incentive for our adult friends either.
Then, Monday morning, Greg posted this:
Greg Trevor
So for everyone who was concerned, I did finally find the missing TV remote. Turns out it was deep in the bowels of our sofa. I only found it when I turned the sofa on its end, and heard the remote fall to the bottom like a pachinko pinball. I reached in and found the remote -- along with an empty Diet Coke can, a religious book for kids and an old catalog. As I reached in to remove the remote, I discovered one of our cats was hiding inside the sofa. Turns out this is where Venus goes to hide from the dog. Can't say that I blame her.
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  1. Lol! I don't think you're a depressive. I look at online Allison and see someone who loves her husband, sons and Church. One of the things I love about you is your balance. Real without being depressing or perfect.

    Also, kudos to Greg on liking "Mad Men". Me, too.

  2. Sounds like our house! And if you want depressing, just look at MY last post!