Friday, May 24, 2013

Seven Quick Takes: Milestones

1. The past week or so has been filled with milestones, for me and for my family. It is exciting to see chapters end and new ones beginning.  One milestone is that I was rehired to teach at my high school, which means I will be a tenured public school teacher in the fall. I am supported so much by my colleagues and the administration here.

2. Our elder son went to the junior prom last Friday night with a classmate. It was fun for me to help him pick out a suit. I thought it was cute his date and he spent time matching her hijab to his tie. Here is a goofy photo of them with friends.

3. Our younger son is finishing up eighth grade. Last night, he and his classmates had the choir and band concert. It was in the high school cafeteria because the auditorium is being renovated. Lucas both sings in the choir and plays the trumpet. I am completely biased of course, but I thought both groups sounded great. I was pleased my son and his friend bought flowers for the choir and band directors and presented the bouquets to them at the concert's end. Lucas has a great sense of comedic timing. As he presented the gifts, he said in his now-deep voice. "Thank you for...enlightening us..." It doesn't sound funny in type but it provoked a lot of guffaws.

4. My freshmen are reading Romeo and Juliet and I played them some Tchaikovsky as they read the famous balcony scene to themselves.  I love integrating music into my literature curriculum.

5. My husband has recommitted himself to healthy eating and to exercising regularly. He has lost nearly 20 pounds in the past month or so. Inspired by his example, I am heading to Weight Watchers Saturday morning. Go Greg!

6. I finally am returning to graduate school finish up my master's degree in special education. Classes  start at New Jersey City University next week. (pictured here) Wish me some luck and big helpings of self-discipline.

7. Finally, with all the man-made and natural disasters that fill the newspapers and airwaves, I am trying to focus on and be thankful for those among us who work to build the Kingdom of God here on earth. To that end, I am grateful to our sons' various music teachers, and to the men and women who offer them a glimpse of their Destiny.

Do you know that our soul is composed of harmony? - Leonardo De Vinci


  1. Congratulations on tenure and prayers for your Masters work!

    Sandy C

  2. Lots of great news! Congratulations to everyone!

  3. I just finished teaching "Romeo and Juliet," too. :) Congrats on the teaching job!

  4. Wonderful news about your family. Thank you for working in special ed. Not only the kids are "special" but those who work with them. Our family has been blessed by many wonderful teachers. Good luck with your classes!