Saturday, March 30, 2013

Holy Saturday: Back On My Knees

I have blown far too much time today debating fellow Catholics on facebook about Pope Francis washing women's feet and whether a Catholic deacon can support same-sex marriage by the government while upholding the Sacrament of Holy Matrimony between a man and a woman in the Church and whether a Jesuit high school is erring in allowing two openly gay students to go to prom together.

Shame on me for my self-satisfied attitude on this, one of the most solemn, most holy days of our liturgical year.

I am going to continue praying the Divine Mercy Novena and listen to some Palestrina to keep my pride in check and fix my gaze on Christ. A blessed Holy Saturday to all who believe, even when we fall short.


  1. I have only engaged in the debate once and it left a terrible feeling in my heart. I am ready to have my mouth washed out with the Body and Blood of Christ.

  2. couldn't agree more. waste of time! I seriously can't believe people are nit-picking over this and picking apart everything the Pope is doing. The feet washing wasn't even in a church!! Much ado about NOTHING. Lord have mercy on us poor sinners.

    1. Amen Sarah.
      By the way, love the Seder you hosted for your family. Just lovely.