Thursday, March 21, 2013

Five Favorites

Linking up with Hallie Lord, who is very ready to give birth to her latest baby! Patience, peace and a quick labor to her.... This week I am going to share five videos I have been looking at. Not all of them are happy or cute, but they all made a big impression on me.

1. "It's a hard luck life," from the 1999 movie "Annie." I found out today that two of my female students adore this movie. I played a bit of it for them during homeroom today...

2. Thanks to Fr Jim Martin S.J. for this. He writes on his facebook page this afternoon: "This is the scene that came to mind when I heard that Pope Francis would be celebrating Holy Thursday Mass at a juvenile detention center in Rome. In 1958, just a few months after his election, John XXIII celebrated Mass at Regina Coeli Prison in Rome, and received this stunning welcome. You don't have to know a word of Italian to be able to follow the spirit of this video. When I was researching my book "My Life with the Saints," I learned that John cemented the love of the inmates when he told them that he was in fact very familiar with the prison since his uncle had been sentenced there for a time, for poaching. The official Vatican report the next day left that out."

3. Watch this and you understand I strive to not buy products made in China.

4. The language is raw. I appreciate this video about rape culture.

 5. My girlfriend Sue, who loves all things Hawaiian, shared this video. Aloha baby!

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