Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Five Favorites

1. Sweet Potato Knishes. Found a great recipe here.

2. This boy. Now, don't get me wrong. He is not my favorite son. He is simply, a favorite son. We just had an IEP meeting today to set up his learning plan for high school. After he left the meeting, his caseworker told me and my husband:  "He is a gem. He is as good as gold."

And yes, that just about sums up how I feel about our 13-year-old. He's an athlete who also sings in the choir and plays the trumpet. He is friends with a wide range of kids. He is a hambone and he is a loyal friend. He takes his faith seriously. He is willing to work hard to succeed in school, even when the going gets tough. Plus, he makes an awesome chili. 'Nuff said.

3.  This man and this book. I just finished listening to it in the car. Wonderful, well-researched and inspiring.

4. Saturday Date Nights. Now that our boys are teenagers, and well past the need for babysitters, my husband and I have been taking ourselves out to dinner on Saturday nights. Lovely. Here is where we went on Saturday; he ate mussels and I ordered salmon.

5. This fascinating interview with Dean Koontz, best-selling author of supernatural suspense stories.


  1. #2: What's your secret? I dream of this.

  2. Oh Shannon, I have no secrets to parenting. Lots of prayer, tears, falling down and getting myself back up. Truly the boy was born with certain traits, such as extroversion, that he does not get from anyone else in the immediate family! He has always been a handful, big time, but is growing into a fine young man.

    Shannon: How old is your son? Your blog is so cute and I love your outfits (shallow comment by me I know but hey you do have a great sense of style)

  3. 1: I've never eaten a knish, but now I must!
    2: You are lucky to have a son who is good as gold! I have one too!
    3: I haven't read his book, but now I must!
    4: Love date nights - make sure the salmon is wild and not farmed next time you order it (and tell them that "Friends Don't Let Friends Eat Farmed Salmon!" Want a bumper sticker that says that? I can get you one!
    5:What is with Dean Koontz's hair?

  4. Knishes are great. Let me know if you make one!
    Sons are wonderful, aren't they?
    I "read" audiobooks because I have a long commute.
    I didn't check on the salmon. :(
    The hair is like him and his character - odd. (toupee?) But he is a true man of faith and I think all of us who strive to follow Christ are a bit odd when compared with the common mentality, yes?