Friday, February 15, 2013

Seven Quick Takes for Friday

1. Spring is coming; I can just feel it. It is so glorious to see more and more of the sun these days. As much as I try, I don't do well in winter.

2. Lent has started. Not a one of the four of us managed to make it to Ash Wednesday Mass. Nonetheless, I feel as if Lent has been fruitful already. We are sitting down to family dinners and we are saying grace and sharing with one another. That feels like a blessing. I gave up processed foods for Lent; this means if I want to eat bread, I have to bake it.

3. Okay, a little bragging here. Valentine's Day dinner ROCKED. I struggled to figure out how to celebrate the day without indulging in sugar. I baked a heart-shaped meatloaf with baked potatoes, a heart-shaped corn bread and served a strawberry-spinach salad. My husband gave me a dozen gorgeous yellow roses, which sat on our candlelit table along with the three little pots of hydrangeas I bought for my husband and our two sons. We all had a lovely dinner.

4. Please, please keep our 13.5-year-old son in your prayers. And please pray that God will give my husband and me the grace and patience we need to guide him. Do we need to reconsider schooling options? Do we need to find a school that will support his learning needs better? What can my husband and I do differently to help him feel good about going to school?

5. I was an hour late to work yesterday due to an overturned tractor trailer on the interstate. I managed to fix my nails while I sat in traffic. Good that I had the polish in the car!

6.  I am off my personal facebook page for Lent. I am surprised that I don't miss it one bit. In fact, I am feeling a lot more at peace most of the time.

7. We might step into New York City to see some Oscar-nominated documentaries. It all depends on how good a job we do of decluttering the basement and also, how everyone is feeling. Stay tuned.

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  1. Glad that the St. Valentine's Day menu worked so well for you!