Sunday, February 17, 2013

Lenten Reflection: That Sunday Scone at Starbucks? Meh.

I gave up processed food for Lent. If I want to eat bread before Easter, I have to bake it. Except, of course, on Sundays, which being Sundays, do not count as part of Lent.

After 11 a.m. Mass with my son we headed next door to the Barnes and Noble because he said he needed a new sweatshirt. As I was walking over I thought: Oh! It's Sunday! I can have something sweet with my iced soy latte. The Rutgers B&N has a Starbucks inside. In line at the cafe, I spied blueberry scones. And ordered one. And sat down to sip my latte and eat my Sunday scone. It looked nothing like the scone depicted on the corporate website.

You know what? It didn't taste very good. Thanks be to God, it was dry. I ate a couple bites, then gave it to my 13-year-old, who, at this age and stage will eat absolutely anything in enormous quantities. "You don't want it?" he asked, incredulously. He knows what a carbohydrate hog I am. "No. My homemade bread is better." Later, I found out that puny scone packs 460 calories. So not worth it.

Thanks, Holy Spirit, for linking my life with today's Gospel reading.

Filled with the Holy Spirit, Jesus left the  Jordan and was led by the  Spirit into the desert, for forty days being put to the test by the devil. 

During that time he ate nothing and at the end he was hungry. Then the  devil said to him, 'If you are Son of God, tell this stone to turn into a loaf.'

But Jesus replied, 'Scripture says: Human beings live not on bread alone.'


  1. I have a wonderful recipe for home made, non-processed scones! You could have warm scones every morning of Lent! You want it?

  2. I will email it to you. What's your address?

  3. Your meh recalled to me this: "all this means exercising the inner taste and producing antibodies that can fight the trivialization and the dulling widespread today"

  4. Thank you for sharing this beautiful piece of writing from B16, Fred.Much to contemplate in it.