Saturday, February 9, 2013

Celebrating Valentine's Day during Lent? Yikes.

Lent is approaching. Many of us, including yours truly, have food-related Lenten penances, good habits we want to develop and continue after this season of preparation. So one day after Ash Wednesday this year comes the Feast of Saint Valentine but better known as a secular day designed for indulgence in everything sugary.

How can we keep our Lenten promises (mine involve eating only unprocessed food during Lent and seriously limiting my sugar consumption) while enjoying the day after Ash Wednesday? By the way, speaking of Lenten Loopholes, Ironic Catholic wrote a laugh out loud funny post about this here.

I am planning to make some licorice from scratch with our 13-year-old who, like me, is a licorice lover. And I am tickled that good folks who run Catholic Cuisine posted suggestions for a Valentine's Day dinner. That heart-shaped meatloaf is sure to be a hit.

What about you? What are your Valentine's Day plans?  How do they jive with your Lenten journey?


  1. Well, since being more affectionate to my husband is one of my Lenten promises, I plan to...well, you get the idea.

    As for chocolate, I will be avoiding it on St. Valentine's Day this year.

    Tonight, I am having our God children and some of their friends over to make Valentines. I am making a pink lemonade cake - future blog post!

  2. 1) observing Valentine's Day doesn't require sugary food. The "sweetness" you want to share with those you love could be expressed in other ways, perhaps to greater lasting effect.
    2) You could do the very Catholic thing & transfer your "observance" to Sunday. Since it is the day of the Resurrection, Sunday is never a penitential day, even in Lent.

    Fr. Jeff Calia, C.O.

  3. Decided against the cake as one of my little guests has Type I Diabetes. We had veggies, fruit and tortilla chips instead. Healthier for everyone!

    1. I like what my priest said above about finding other ways to show love. I am sure you do with those little ones!

  4. I went ice-skating with my husband and six kids on the Sunday after Valentine's Day (no romantic dinner for us, we make it a family affair). Details and super-cute pics at