Saturday, February 23, 2013

Blueberries for All on a Drizzly Day

Remember Blueberries for Sal? That lovely picture book by Robert McCloskey? It's about the little girl named Sal and her mother, who go blueberry picking on Blueberry Hill in Maine. Well, Sal has nothing on us.

I had a three-pound bag of frozen blueberries from Stop N Shop, which kept staring at me every time I opened the freezer door for ice cubes, flour (yes, I keep flour in the freezer), chicken or whatever. Today, I decided it was time to use them.

So I googled "blueberry bread," thinking it would be fun to figure out something new to make with blueberries for Sunday breakfast.

I found this recipe for blueberry coffee cake and adapted it by substituting whole wheat flour for white flour, and almond milk for buttermilk. How much of this bread will be left for tomorrow's breakfast by the time the rest of my family gets to it?

 I walked the dog while it was baking. "Oh my God, this looks so good!" said our 13 year old when he came back from a bike ride to Rite Aid and saw the bread fresh from the oven and steaming on the stove. The blueberries kind of congealed into the bottom and center of the bread but so what. I had a piece for lunch with a glass of almond milk and a banana. And our 13 year old also wolfed a piece or two down. Such a nice way to spend a drizzly February day. Time for a nap now.


  1. This looks great! And Blueberries For Sal is one of my favorite children's books. I love the way the print and illustrations are in dark blue ink!

  2. Your blueberry bread looks delicious! And we LOVE that book! One of our favorite stories!