Sunday, January 27, 2013

Unplugged in the Poconos

This is me Friday night at a condominium my family rented in the Poconos. It was a blessing for the four of us to spend three days away from the never-ending demands of school and work and basketball and cycling and orchestra and band and choir commitments. As an added benefit: the wifi didn't work at the resort where we stayed.
The ride up from New Jersey, in snow and sleet, was an opportunity for me to hear our teenagers opine on a wide range of topics, including (I kid you not): whether decolonization is worse than colonization, the geopolitics of Mali, a comparison of Medieval Europe with present day African politics,  an analysis of various world currencies and whether a devalued American dollar has unexpected advantages. Phew. 

Once in the Poconos, we spent time cooking together and snow tubing (a first for all of us!). While my husband and sons watched sports documentaries on ESPN Classic, and discussed politics and college football and basketball, I read a huge chunk of Dean Koontz's novel Forever Odd.

Our boys DO NOT like having their pictures taken, particularly when I shoot photos of them on the sly. So this is the best I could do at the Denny's on Route 209 on a Sunday morning. They waved their hands in front of their faces, in an ironic homage to wrestler/rapper John Cena. That's how we roll people.

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  1. :-) Glad that you got away! Your boys crack me up with those photos! I will always recall our lovely time together at the diner and I hope that I get to see you all soon again!