Wednesday, December 26, 2012

My Evening Without Quentin Tarantino, in the Company of the Belfast Cowboy

The second day of Christmas has been quiet; walking the dog under a gray sky, my husband and younger son heading to basketball practice and all of us managing long naps while we could hear the wind blowing through the trees.

Right now, a banana and blueberry bread is in the oven and that 13-year-old son sits beside me, playing a basketball game on our ancient Game Cube with the sound off. Greg just headed out to the mall with a van full of 16 and 17 year old boys to see Django Unchained, a bloody movie I am unlikely to see since I never have been able to sit through a single Quentin Tarantino film because of the brutality. My husband is such a good man; the movie won't even begin until well after his usual bedtime.

Our house is lit with candles and Christmas lights in every room. I am enjoying the smell of bread baking, the pounding of the rain outside and Van Morrison singing to me from my MacBook. "I shall search my soul. I shall search my very soul. And I shall search my very soul. I shall search my very soul. For the lion. For the lion. For the lion. For the lion."


  1. We went to the movies tonight - the other theater (same building) was showing Django Unchained, but just the name Tarantino turned me off. We went to see This Is 40 instead. Not the best idea, due to gratuitous use of the F, S, C, B and GD words, all of which I have personally said (except for the C word, which I loathe). The film showed the stupidity of a self indulgent, selfish and extravagant lifestyle, the effects of divorce on adult children, the ridiculousness of immature behavior in adults, the effects of bullying, lying and abusive behavior, etc., none of which was funny. However, the popcorn was pretty good. BTW, I just now realized I never put your blog on my blog roll - I am so embarrassed because you are a loyal reader and commenter. That oversight has been corrected! And I can't wait to try the Honey Cake!

    1. No worries Paula. I actually just am playing around with my blog and got rid of the blogroll temporarily and am playing with the idea of just posting (see the right column) stuff I am reading.

      My husband and son did not return home until 2 a.m.; it was a late showing of the movie. He said I would NOT like it and absolutely our young teen cannot see the movie. He said it was a good not great movie.

      As for Life at 40, yeah, that does not sound so edifying either.

  2. Hey Allison! Haha long time no comment. Sorry. :) But on a lighter note, I really enjoyed this and am happy to be back! You rock the writin' girl. Hope you entire Christmas/New Year holiday was awesome! Sounds like it was. When celebrating the life of the One who gives US life... how could it not be peaceful and beautiful, no matter what is going on in the world? :) X's and O's, ~E