Monday, December 10, 2012

Just for Fun: Christmas Decor Linkup

I haven't done a linkup in a long while and figured this one would be a way to show off how we have decorated our home so far. Right now, we are focusing on Advent; we plan to buy and decorate our tree over the weekend.'s what we have up so far.

First, the front door Chez Trevor:

Our front door. I bought the "family basket" many years ago at a Christmas craft show. The Saint Nicholas is actually a puppet I ordered online this year from the fabulous Holland, Michigan-based St. Nicholas Center. 

The staircase leading to our second floor.  I bought the garland at Michaels and I made a little banner that says "Peace To This House." Thank you Susan Branch for that idea!

Our Lady of Guadalupe greets visitors to our kitchen. She is about 12 inches tall and sits above the kitchen doorway. I bought this statue from a company called Altiplano, a family-owned business that is based in both Brattleboro, Vermont and in Lake Atitlan, Guatemala. The company works with small cooperatives and also runs its own fair-trade workshop. 

This is my Christmas "bling," another idea I swiped from Susan Branch. 

This is our kitchen window. 
Because I took these photos at night, 
and because the window is a bit dirty,
 I am just showing you bits of the window.

Leftover candy canes from St. Nicholas Day. 
They are sitting on the kitchen window sill. 
My conclusion is our sons haven't realized they are here.

Also on the kitchen window. Letters from Michaels. 

Our creche. This year, our puggle jumped on the bay window
 and broke the shepherd's head. 
One of our boys put it back on. 
At some point, I need to glue it back on. 
The rosary in front of the creche belonged to my husband's grandmother, 
who died 15 years ago. 

These "stained glass" star ornaments hang above our creche. 
I bought them at a Ten Thousand Villages store, 
which sells only fair-trade goods. 
You can also order them online. 
(And no, I am not on commission from this store or any other!)
They were crafted from paper and silk paper in Bangladesh. 

"The three wise men saw the light and followed it.  
They are rightly called wise!"


  1. I really love the berry garland on the banister! Things like that make me wish for a two-story house someday :)

    1. Thanks! Yes, I used to do plastic holly but this looks nicer. The berries are fake, but look somewhat real, I think.

  2. The garland on the stairs is so pretty! Oh and the nativity scene is gorgeous! And your star ornaments. Beautiful.

    Everything look great! Thanks for linking up!