Sunday, November 25, 2012

He-Man Has Nothing on Christ

One of our pastors, Father Jeff Calia, C.O., grew up in the 1980s and remembers He-Man. Do you?

Before the 9 a.m. Mass for the Feast of Christ the King, Father Jeff misplaced his homily notes, but nonetheless gave a great homily about how all the superheroes humans create, including He-Man, eventually meet lose their power. He-Man, he reminded us, the lead character in the Mattel's Masters of the Universe franchies, defends Eternia (a.k.a. eternal life) from the evil forces of Skeletor (death?) but eventually fell victim to low ratings and a lousy review of his movie. My husband and I laughed so hard during the first part of the homily, as Father Jeff was describing in his wry way the powers of He-Man, that we succeeded in embarrassing our teen sons more than we usually do.

Every generation has its own superheros. Human superheroes come and go. For the Greeks, it was Odysseus. For our sons now, it's Dr. Who. They speak to the human longing for Beauty and Justice.

In the end, Father Jeff said, only the Mystery that created us can answer these longings. Christ is our King, the Alpha and the Omega. He lives beyond the boundaries of space and time. He existed before time did and He is present at this very moment.

How can we honor Him? How can we show Him today and every day, that he is King of the Cosmos, our Lord and Creator?

Viva Cristo Rey!

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