Saturday, June 30, 2012

Summer Afternoon at the Pool with my iPad

This afternoon my husband and I and our younger son went to our swim club. I brought my school-issued iPad and took my first photographs with it. We were told to spend time enjoying our iPads over the summer so we can know them well enough to use them in the classroom in September. The iPad's camera is a huge upgrade from my Samsung camera phone.

Here is our 12-year-old, who has spent about at least four hours today jumping off the diving board.

After this photo, I had to put my iPad away becauseI got a little too close to the pool and  a bit of pool water splashed on my iPad!


  1. Those pics are really nice. I've been eyeing an iPad for quite a while now. How do they do on close-up things?

    1. Linda: I don't know yet. Will post photos when I have some...

  2. I think of the ipad as the epitome of convenience at your fingertips. Not that I have one, but I would love to! Great picture!
    And very nice teacher perks! public school, huh? ;)

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