Saturday, May 19, 2012

Wow! A Mother's Love Bracelet/Chaplet

I promise, I am not on any kind of commission from my friend Sarah Harkins, owner of Clay Rosaries. But I gotta tell you, the Mother's Love Bracelet she created for my new-mom friends is unbelievably wonderful. Above is a picture of mine on my kinda hairy arm. Below is a picture Sarah took of the bracelet, with the accompanying prayer card.

Isn't it lovely? Here is the story behind these bracelets. As a new teacher, I have made two work friends who are about 20 years younger than me. Two of my dearest friends at work just delivered their first babies. Both friends are Catholic, but not rosary prayers.

I've been in love with Sarah's work for a few years and asked her what I could give them. A rosary really didn't make sense. So for them, Sarah created a "Mother's Love bracelet." It is a chaplet of  10 beads, so you can pray the rosary with it. Or, you can pray the special prayer that Sarah composed to go along with each of the 10 polymer beads she crafted. Once I saw online what she had created, I just had to order one for myself, too!

Now that I have gotten you all psyched about this bracelet, I need to let you know Sarah is temporarily closing her for the summer. In September, the bracelets will again be available. The Harkins' fourth baby is on the way, and Sarah home schools her other three. Busy mom!

Thank you, thank you, thank you Sarah. It is wonderful to consider these two new babies - baby Joy Noelle and baby Masen James - will have the benefit of prayer from their loving moms.


  1. Thank you for the kind words! you are very very sweet and I so thankful for you! I pray that the moms you have gifted the bracelet to will continue to love their babies in prayer.

  2. Love these! So beautiful. Her work is gorgeous :)