Saturday, March 31, 2012

The Cycling Season Starts: Sandy Hook Time Trials

The New Jersey cycling season started this fog-filled morning at 8 a.m. at the Sandy Hook National Seashore, a six-mile-long barrier spit along the Atlantic Ocean, where hundreds of cyclists gathered for time trials.   Our son is still building his road bike so he didn't participate. But we drove down to Sandy Hook in the rain and wind so he could cheer his teammates. If you have never been to time trials - and neither of us had - there is not a lot to see except the staggered starts and ends of the trials. The rest of the time, the cyclists are peddling away. 

So while my son chatted with teammates, I took a couple of long walks, enjoying the beauty of a cold windy spring day at the beach that felt more like a winter one. Here are some photos. Have a beautiful rest of your weekend.


  1. That's awesome that your son is building his own bike. My husband spent his teen years doing the same...lucky me...he stayed away from girls, as a result :).

    1. Yes, he is very busy with his bikes. ; )